The brake system is one of the most important safety systems on your car.  Brake Center beats the competition when it comes to brake service and has a great reputation for excellent workmanship and quality customer service. Our brake inspection consists of the following:

• Inspect the Brake lines.
• Inspect the master cylinder and booster.
• Measure the thickness of the rotors and drums.
• Inspection the calipers and wheel cylinders.
• Check for even wear and no damage to brake pads and shoes.
• Inspect front and rear brake hardware kits.
• Brake flush service


All the above listed items must be carefully examined and compared with manufacture specifications and standards to make sure you have a safe and complete brake system. Brake Center has the most experienced technicians in the field of automotive brake repair to provide you with a reliable braking system. Come to one of our two convenient stores near you and experience our quality work first hand.