Lawndale auto repair shop:

Lawndale brake centers have been in business for more than 30 years. Throughout all the past years, there were many management groups performed their business duties.

The named their business BRAKE CENTERS due to the fact they are complete auto brake service and auto repair shop in Lawndale for all cars and truck models. When people look at an auto shop near me the Brake Repair in Lawndale, come up with many positive reviews.

They are one of the best auto mechanic shops in Lawndale which they do most repair services on American, European & Asian cars. They are offering an affordable auto repair coupons every month to support any customer’s budget. Once you are asking for a mechanic shop to cover all the car repair services you need, all you have to do check the below list:

  • auto repair lawndale CAFront brake repairs as well as rear brake services including replacing name brand brake pads and brake rotors.
  • Front & Rear Suspensions:(Struts, shocks, axle)
  • Transmissions Services: (Fluid & Filter exchange)
  • Engine Repair & Diagnostic: (Tune-up, spark plugs, engine mounts)
  • Free Engine Light checkup:
  • Under the Hood Services: ( Hoses, filters, fluid)
  • Oil changes, (conventional & synthetic oil)
  • Electrical System: (Alternator & starter)
  • Cooling System: (water pump & radiator)
  • Exhaust System: (Oxygen sensors)
  • Fuel System: (Filter & injectors clean up)
  • Air Conditioning System:
  • Lifetime Brake: (Pads, rotors, master cylinder)
  • Tires & Alignment Wheel balance:
  • Manufacturers Service Recommendations:

Lawndale auto repair shop value their customers by providing quality customer service and satisfaction guarantees. Please allow Lawndale auto repair shop & brake service to be at your service for all your car service needs. With our free brake inspections and recommendation on service repair, you will be safe when you are on the road again with our affordable auto repair shop services.


“We support you to get back on the driver seat again safely”

Brake Centers Lawndale is one of the approve location to install the Guardian Interlock system on your car to enjoy driving safely and legally.

By installing Guardian Interlock, system on your car, we will support your safety to drive where ever you need to go. Please come and visit us at 4732 Manhattan Beach Blvd Lawndale California 90264 and talk with our certified technicians to explain what this system does for you.

It is very affordable and gives you a pace of mind at all time you are thinking to get back on driver seat and enjoy driving again. Please look for us and we are ready to serve you and support you in this matter.